GOMG Italia azienda
Produzione e vendita marcatrici e punzoni e sistemi per l'automazione industriale

GOMG Italy deals with the design and manufacture of prototypes and industrial automation. The company was founded in Treviso in 1978 by the idea of Bruno Gatto with the intention of making prototypes for automated and especially directed to the field of marking and testing of cylinders.
These are indeed our pride where our philosophy, "automate", best expresses his concepts. Our systems are fully automatic and built to exacting safety standards.
The company is also occupied in the production of punches and numerators and in the manufacture of spare parts with drawings given by customers.
In 2006 the company was awarded the prestigious prize Ok Italy by Unicredit.
In 2008 we received the Marco Polo Award instituted by the Veneto Region for the cooperation with the Czech Republic.
GOMG Italy Treviso 2014"